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  1. The current design is best shown  this PDF
    1. Each component: owfs, owhttpd, owperl, owpython can connect directly to the 1-wire bus (serial or USB) or to a server
    2. The server OWSERVER talks directly to the bus, and accept any number of clients: owfs, owhttpd, ...
    3. Server commjunication is via TCP and can be local or over a network.
  2. The original design of OWFS was monolithic. When owhttpd was envisioned, it used a modified version of owfs. Keeping the two programs synchronized was difficult.
  3. The second interation separated common functions into a dynamically linked library: libow
    Libow now handles:
    1. serial, usb and tcp connections
    2. 1-wire device functions and protocols
    3. Cache
    4. path parsing
    5. command line parsing
    6. logging, statistics
    7. Version 1.0 of OWFS (prior to 2005) was designed as follows:
    8. This is a map of the dependencies of the various components in the OWFS (1-Wire File System) system.
    9. Dependencies should be read left-to-right.
      libdb usage is obsolete as of V1.0 -- intrisic binary tree is now used.
    10. OWFS component flow diagram

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