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1-Wire adapters


  • USB

    • DS9490

      DS9490 USB adapter
      • Based on the DS2490 chip.
      • USB 1.1
      • Powered off the USB bus.
      • Similar signal properties to the DS9097.
      • Accelerated search and communication. Fastest of  the adapters.
      • Uses the libusb library to talk to the USB subsystem. Should be available on BSD as well as Linux.
      • Several versions that differ in software by presence of
        1. No ID chip
        2. ID chip with 01 family
        3. ID chip with 81 family
    • PuceBaboon USB adapter

      PuceBaboon USB adapters
      • Based on the DS2490 chip.
      • Handled identically to the DS9490 chip.
      • Labelled with ID. See naming.
      • Two version:
        1. USB Temperature sensor stand-alone (No ID, DS18S20 (Family code 10).
        2. USB Adapter with RJ45 connector. ID chip (Family code 01). Temperature sensor must be external.
ECLO adapter
  • Serial

    • Passive 25-pin (DS9097)

      Passive circuit by Bart Jansen
      • Basically a raw serial port with some pullups and protective diodes.
      • Exists as hardware from Dallas, or can be easily constructed (see diagram above).
      • Example circuit by Bart Jansen
      • Synthesized 1-wire bus waveform using 115k baud communication
      • Bit-banging technique is slowest and costs high CPU usage.

    • Passive 9-pin (DS9097)

      Passive circuit by Michael Ryan
      • Rework of the 25-pin passive circuit by Michael Ryan.

    • DS9097U

      DS9097U serial adapter
      • Connects to (and powered by) standard serial port (9600baud)
      • Based on the DS2480B.
      • Accelerated search and byte-wide bus communication.
      • Uses standard POSIX system calls.
    • LINK

      Early LINK  -- RJ12
      • Connects to (and powered by) standard serial port.
      • PIC processor internally with 1-wire master firmware.
      • Emmulates the DS9097U faithfully.
      • Better 1-wire bus waveform control.
      • Several form factors available (PCB board, RJ11, RJ45, multiport).
      • Simple ascii protocol also supported.

  • Embedded

    • OMAP

      • Part of ARM - based board
      • Support by Mathew Percival
      • Not yet included in main tree
      • White Paper
  • Parallel (pending)

    • DS1410E
      DS1411E parallel port adapter
      • Connects to the parallel (printer) port.
      • Based on the DS1481.
      • Not currently supported.
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