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OWFS Bootable CD

Live-CD with OWFS pre-configured

  • Summary

    Damn Small Linux, a small but powerful linux distribution, has been configured to run OWFS "out of the box". Just download the image, burn to a CD, and boot!
  • Background

    • Live-CD

      These are linux distributions that run from the CD and memory, leaving your hard disk alone. They are a great way to test hardware since the software should be preconfigured.
    • Damn Small Linux

      Or DSL for short. This is a live-CD about 50MB in size with an amazing array of features included. Web browsers, office applications. music, networking and Xwindows. Hardware support is good, and almost everything autoconfigures. Based on Knoppix, and loosely on Debian.
  • Instructions

    • Getting OWFS

      • Easy method
        DSL, with the OWFS package installed, has been prepared as a single iso image. The package is called "mydsl.iso"
      • Standard method
        Download the DSL image from the DSL website.
        Get the package "owfs.uci" from the testing area of DSL, or the OWFS website.
    • Test

      • Right click on the desktop.
      • Choose "myDSL" -> "OWFS 1-wire file system" -> "OWFS run it all"
    • Use

      Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Limitations

    • Specific to i386 architecture.
    • Need bootable CD drive.
    • Includes owfs, owhttpd and owserver, only.
    • perl, python, tcl, php not yet supported.
    • ECLO adapter not yet supported

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