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owphp documentation


owphp - OWFS library access commands for PHP


Requirements for owphp are a running version of swig and that the program 'php-config' is in your path. Php-config should be contained by the standard php package.

Configuring and installing owphp

To enable owphp please run './configure --enable-owphp' in the owfs source directory, then run make. If everything runs well you should end up with a php library that can be included by a php program. For this to work, you'll have to copy the newly created library from '{OWFS-SOURCE}/module/swig/php/.libs/libowphp.so.0.0.0' to the php include directory (on my Debian system it is: '/usr/lib/php4/20020429/') and rename it to 'php_OW.so'.

Loading the owphp extension

Please take a look at the included 'load_php_OW.php' file. It will load the extension for you if you set the right name for the include directory. Initialize the bus in your php program using somthing like this:

     require "load_php_OW.php";
     init( "localhost:3001" );

Now your are free to do operations like 'get( "/$id/present" );' or 'put( "/$id/wiper", 255 );' or whatever you want to do. After you have finished your 1-Wire operations be sure to call:



     init( "$options" );
     get( "$path" );
     put( "$path", $value );

You can use the standard options for 'init', have a look at the other swig extensions to owfs.
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