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Progress Log
Weekly account of OWFS progress

  • 15 April 2005
    • OWFS Version 2.1
    • /bus.x directories (with cached in-device number)
    • Improved adapter code in ow_ds9097U.c and ow_ds9490.c
    • Updated ds1820, ds1921, ds2423
    • Man page updates
    • ds2413 supported
    • In progress: ds1923(ds1922,ds2422), overdrive speed support
    • Support simultaneous on all remote servers
    • temploggerd source added to CVS
    • Release of improved Linksys Router Binaries
    • WRT54G firmware with owfs+fuse+rrdtool+temploggerd (based on ewrt-0.3)
  • 12 February 2005
    • PHP configuration and compilation working (Sebastian Zuther)
    • Fix for badly handled /system/adapter
    • Release of improved Linksys Router Binaries (Christian Magnusson)
    • Python fixes (Peter Kropf)
  • 4 February 2005
    • Much progress!
    • Support for the DS28E04-100 (with Serg Oskin's help) and DS2433
    • Support for python by Peter Kropf (and others)
    • Support for TCL by Serg Oskin
    • Start of support for PHP by Sebastian Zuther
    • Multiple output network ports supported for owhttpd and owserver
    • Multiple input ports (buses) for owfs, owserver owhttpd
    • Web site update automation by Peter Kropf
    • FUSE and USB fixes bt Wim Heirman
    • USB module forced unload for ds9490r.ko
    • Commercial support for Linksys Router by David Lissiuk
    • Router software release by Christian Magnusson
    • Minor man page updates.
    • Wow!
  • 5 January 2005
    • New WRT54G binaries, scripts and instructions
  • 14 December 2004
    • Many changes!
    • owperl, a perl interface to the 1-wire bus
    • Further progress on embedded devices
    • configuration improvements
    • Daily buillds added (with compilation)
    • Start of server interface for library (allows multiple components to plug into server)
    • Improvements to thermocouple code.
    • Added FAQ.
  • 9 Novemter 2004
    • DS28E04-100 added to commands.html (command code table)
  • 1 November 2004
    • Thermocouple implementation improved
    • Thermocouple curve fitting improved
    • Thermocouple web pages
    • Installation instructions
    • DS2408 alarm triggers by Serg Oskin
  • 21 October 2004
  • 12 October 2004
    • Fix embedded creation with Cristian  Magnusson's help
    • Fix DS18x20 problem with power attribute
    • Fix simultaneous errors with Serg Oskin's help
    • Fix errors in DS2423 counter
    • Add data about the Linksys router project
  • 2 October 2004
    • simultaneous directory for starting a temperature of voltage "conversion" for all devices in a given directory
    • alarm branch directory support
    • directory shake-up:
      • statistics comsolidated into one mainline directory
      • structure directory shows supported family codes and properties
      • settings directory to change tunable parameters
      • system directory with environment and adapter information
      • Adapter (like DS9097U) remoed from mainline devices and placed in system directory.
    • Internal redesign
      • device directories now in binary tree.
      • property directories still in sorted list
      • separate tree for each type of device: real, statistics, system, settings, structure(actually, uses real differently)
      • improved file name parsing
      • added flags to device and removed redundant enum.
    • Thermocouple support
      • Type K
      • Type N
  • 18 September 2004
    • Initial support of the DS2760 (DS2761 DS2762)
    • Proposal for rearranging file directory
    • Extensive discussion of owsuper -- multiple clients.
    • Bus fixes by Serg Oskin
    • Release of 1.00
  • 3 September 2004
    • Add DS1923 Hygrochron to command code list.
    • Change website documents to use an SSI header, allowing a more consistent look.
    • Add Christian Magnusson to the acknowledgement page.
  • 29 August 2004
    • Helped Christian Magnusson chase down multithread problems with embedded platforms.
    • Passed suggestion to FUSE.
    • Implemented directory caching!
    • Changed mutex type.
    • cleaned up caching statistics
    • split directory code to more manageable routines
    • changed size of directory callback databuffer to make it more embedded-friendly.
  • 25 August 2004
    • Removed Sleepycat Berkely DB
    • Switched caching to intrisic gcc tree
    • extensive testing of caching
    • improved caching statistics
    • added statistics documentation
    • made owhttpd and owftpd compilation conditional
  • 14 August 2004
    • Initial work on Java iButtons
    • Multipage read and writes now handled by a device call back -- device drivers don't need to check for trans-page requests
    • Received Crystalfontz LCD panel. Design phase started.
    • FTP work started.
  • 8 August 2004
    • PuceBaboon devices received. Tested. Works identically to corresponding Dallas devices.
    • Added pictures and analysis of PuceBaboon to website.
  • 1 August 2004
    • Cleaned up DS2438 read and writes
    • Changed DS2423 reading to include CRC16 check.
    • Moved address check to ow_read and ow_write to simplify device modules.
    • SOLVED protocol error -- write returns should be length, not zero.
  • 24 July 2004
    • Trying to figure out "protocol error"
    • Configuration improvements by Geo Carncross on libdb
    • Cleaned up read and write offset code
    • moved fstat (getattr) code from owfs to libow, where it belongs
    • better file times
  • 17 July 2004
    • Working with Serg Oskin's patches for various devices.
      • DS2406 switch
    • Added progress page
  • 10 July 2004
    • Added statistics documentation after rearranging and fixing some of the statistical data.
    • Worked on configuration support, especially libdb versioning.
    • Geo Carncross came on board to work on configuration.
    • Added acknowledgement page for all the greatly appreciated help.
  • 3 July 2004
    • Fixed and tested the multithreading support
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